Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Self Esteem Techniques

Listen to Joe Rubino at:
we live life with false assumptions or interpretations
Mind will cause changes in the body
It will release chemicals in the brain
many people addicted to sadness
It allows people to continue as victims
we self sabotage ourselves
we get to justify our behaviour
we create a formula in our life
but is causing us a lot
people with fear always worry
we can create a life of choice with joy
when we shift our energy,we can change our life
what new interpretation i can make up to avoid the old paradigm
are you willing to release the emotion
create a new interpretation
Avoid being in the addictive reational emotional state
take the reative states as a gift
forgive yourself,forgive others
look life in a gratitude way
Everything you worry,write down in a journal
look at good at all the problems
there is a a gift in each problem
have an attitude of looking at life as a big opportunity
life will be never be ideal
take on contribution
make others a little bit better
enjoy the process
when you are living in the process,you will start enjoying your life
We create all kind of evidences to reforce the state of who we are
how to reverse it
how to make others a little better
take out focus from yourself
contribute to others,offer some kindness
you will start acknowledge yourself
we constantly invalidate ourselves by comparing with others
no one can be perfect
everyone has areas to improve in life
try to make everyday a little bit better
you will enjoy the process
shift your vision,you have to work on the false interpretation
have a positive outlook on life
you will be self motivated when you have a positive outlook
greatest challenges can have a greatest impact
find out your greatest power
we are what we declare ourselves to be
what are the 5 qualities,start asking ourselves,how can i develop those
It takes the willingness to learn and grow
we have the ability to transform and reinvent ourselves
It takes courage
the more you do it,you become more of it
Take your 5 qualities you want to reinvent
phrase it as a declaration
create your affirmation or declaration
you step into that quality
the more you do it,you will become more of it
energy vibration and life will shift
There are so many vehicles to create wealth
support other people to what they want
when you contribute others,universe will support you
vision is like an umbrella for what you want in life
empathy,gratitude,forgiveness,positive expectation in life - These are the building blocks of life
It is not enough to want it,you have to believe yourself and you need self motivation
all these little keys along the way,when they add up,you will become a new person
Right thinking - supports you
every challenge is having a seed for a great gift
you become filled with love
you move on to manifest


Horseman said...

thank you for you post
keep coming
love and gratitude

Horseman said...

Thank you
kannna, mani vanna
keep coming with more

thank you

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