Tuesday, August 9, 2011

How to get more done in less time

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The Most important question: Are you interested or committed in your goals?

what are your 3 most valuable things?
John - God,Health,Family
step1: Learn to do Urgent,high valued,high impact things you do based on your values and do them to completion
do less the more important things to completion
based on a 10 hr day,how many hours you spend highly productive time on step1 vs trivial many things?
There is no time management only Event management
if you don't change,nothing will change
Hope is not a good strategy
we need to change our daily rituals,process
GOYA-get off your ass law
do the right things at the right order at the right time
you have to have alignment
you have to create and give value for making money
money is a means of exchange
more people you help,more the money you make
when you are chaos,unorganized,you are not following the 1st universal law - ORDER
chaos is due to lack of orderly thinking and doing
When we live with Tolerance,we cause resentment and anger
when you release the tolerance,you are releasing the blocks
what are you tolerating that you are doing and not doing right now in your life?
what are you tolerating others?
how do you feel when you release the tolerance?
we are energy
we have chakras
when we tolerate,we block the flow of energy
how you do anything and everything?
did i use my time more wisely?
could i help more people with my gift?
use the time to live our passion and purpose

your life should be fulfilled
our life is meaningful and special to us
Coincidence-there are no Coincidences
daily effectiveness
when you take care of dailies,year will take care itself
vales based living
means values - That are things that help you reach your end values
when you are not fulfilled,you are not living your highest values
the more congruency you get in your ritual,routine,values,you will be very much successful
ORDER loves speed
don't work,get in flow,success is easy
work less,do the right things
when an expert teaches you the steps and you implement,you will get predictable success
The Time is now!
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