Monday, June 27, 2011

Q&A with Harrison Klein

Harrison Klein Q&A at:
Anything is possible if you think clearly
we are abundant
universe is having plenty of everything for everybody
people are poor because they have poor wealth consciousness
we can't out perform our self image
external exp is resolved by internal exp
state of being opens up
we can be wealth
fastest way to create is to 'BE'
Being wealthy is internal
decide to be wealthy,then we become wealthy
what lights you up?
what you love is your gift
how can do the highest?
ask and you shall receive
we serve by our gift
we are here to serve each other
why do we come here on earth?that is our purpose
we are,be,i am
Thinking,speaking - vibration comes
law of cause and effect
we stay in that state by looking the synchronicity
we acknowledge and express gratitude
we are limitless beings
wealth consciousness brings money
once you start to create wealth consciousness,it is imossible to be poor,avoiding wealth and success will be difficult
we go through the state of poor,to experience the wealth,the joy of success
understand it is in your to release it
it can be from another life time
but we have free will
we are creative force
we are connected
we have all the powers as the source
start focus on the fact that we have everything
we are spirits in human experience
we can break any grid
there is no conditions or steps
simply we have to decide
what we experience is what we focus our attention on
focus on your new I AM
we have natural joy and happiness
choose our thoughts and images on what we want to have
energy is transmuted by our thoughts
There is nothing to avoid
everything is done for you
whatever we experience negative is to force a positive experience
It is magical
universe wants always good for us
shift the perspective from seeing the life as pain and struggle
we want to expand ourselves
have as many self images as you want
I AM creates that experience
feel the gratitude
we can command the cosmos on what we want to have
Once you understand how the universe operates,we can command the universe
feeling wonderful!Thanks Harrison!
Consciouness helps to focus and to have the choice
Emotion - energy in motion
Align your conscious,sub conscious,super conscious to have instant manifestation

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