Thursday, June 2, 2011

How to master your life

Listen to Kristen Howe at:
Realizing and embracing that you are special
we get something from our struggle
just be honest,don't beat you up
Any universal law has many sub laws
you have to just change how you feel
key to attract is how you feel
change your state or how are you feeling
think about the time when you laughed so much
law of attraction is about your vibrational frequency
Often you vibrate at a higher level,you attaract great things
when you focus on fixing a problem,you are focusing on problem
focus on the solution
become a solutions expert
detach from the problem and ask what can i do to solve this problem?
Outer mind gives the order(conscious mind)
Inner mind has to make things happen(subconscious mind)
have a clear intention of what you want
have positive expectation that whatever you desire is coming
get out of the way
don't try to figure it out
let it come to you
we are very powerful
be specific on what you are picturing
change into positive feeling state
look at the next level
what can i do right now to move forward
pushing at the comfort zone,not breaking
shifting from the state to how can i,how will it feel like
Risk removal:
when you are working with sublaws,you start to remove the risks
outpicturing - work in reverse,by starting from within,profound visualization
we are all not built in the same way
3 types:
long distance runners
cross trainers
inspection,action,recovery - 3 phases of creation
we are all extraordinary
just we have to maximize our strength
we already are master manifestors
you need to just flip to attract what we want
Thanks Kristen!Thanks Darius!
It is an incredible call!

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