Thursday, June 9, 2011

Quantum Touch

Quantum Touch by Richard Gordon

Listen to Richard Gordon on Quantum Touch at:

Healing with Energy!
It can change core beliefs
consciousness affects matter
whole paradigm can shift
It works every time
Energy work - It is immediate and subtle
Body heals itself
look the videos in youtube:
can you heal the river?
when doctor says 2 weeks,what you would do?
watch Quantum touch channel on youtube
It changes people's lives
It brings out the angelic nature
Distance Healing:
Love doesn't has distance
we are all connected
It is part of our spiritual nature
Ability to care for others in distance is very profound and powerful
you have to be in a joyful state of love
just love
you just get out of the way
there is no harm
Quantum touch use all the chakras
Healing gives you energy
There is no cleansing or detox process
Body intelligence knows better
Internal quietness,body awareness
The Healer - the gratitude you feel,you get from others,gratitude for the freedom - wonderful
It changes lives
It will change the world in a profound way
There are solutions
you have to follow the internal wisdom
explore the possibilities
It is a powerful,incredible,fashinating call!Thanks Richard,Thanks Darius!

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