Thursday, June 16, 2011

Outrageous Mastery

Listen to Sasha on Outrageous Mastery at:
I read her 1st book in the Outrageous mastery triology series,it is very Inspirational!

we have to start where we are right now
I honor myself for having survived
I am worthy
It is vital and highly important to feel worthy to have wonderful life

we can't create any wealth if we are not feeling worthy
If we get it,we will lose it
Fear and guilt stops you from creating a great life
Take the worst possible scenarion and ask yourself: what is the way to survive?
You can survive it no matter how worst it may be
It will demolish the fear
you can find a way,you are a survivor
be a calculated risk taker to be successful in life
Always have a back up plan
Power and Joy in acheiving,and the feeling of high powerful we are
you will become invincible and strong,powerful
whenever you take actions on what you fear,your comfort zone always expands
you feel the power within you
do little one thing everyday which frighten you
to be able to something,you have to get out of your comfort zone
money will come to you
Ideas come to you
when you take the action,it works through you
you become the creator
you have to step out of your comfort zone
The other side of the fear is the absolute freedom
fear paralyses people
we have to consciously do things to feel less fearful
It is all about the gift in everything going through
Realise that there is a bigger reason for that
life is a pieces of work
Your pain can be a blessing
it helps you to find out how powerful we are
Survive and rise above it
struggle is very valuable
In the long run,it is a gift
These things can turn out be diamonds
value,honor,love yourself
It is not happening because of you
Life happens
we can do our best,we do mistakes
don't blame yourself
you have to love yourself
take time to honor yourself
there is a magnificient gift for you
Allowing yourself the freedom to be not perfect
you nurture yourself
you think of people who love you
tell and feel youeself what they will tell and do for you
you need not wait for someone
do it by yourself
allow us to master your beliefs
we are all special
we are all divine
we can pray and get answer
Answers are always coming through us
always use your intelligence
There are many beliefs stop us in getting the answer
clear away whether the answer is yes or no
ask the question
ithout thinking about it,whatever come to your mind first,you can take out
ask the question while going to bed,when you wake up in the morning,you can get the answer-one of the method
Hidden beliefs are controlling us without our knowledge
They are planted in us when we grow up
beliefs control our life
change your beliefs,change your life
our beliefs can change everything
There is a possibility for everybody
we create the reality by our own belief
when you release our beliefs,it is a different reality

Past is not equal to the future
All i worry is what is my next step?
you can create anything
everyday is a new beginning

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