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Q&A With Burt Goldman

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Magic word is : ATTITUDE
One of thing that hold people is: people limit themselves
when you doen something you shdn't have done,that brings SIN(sin is missing the mark)
followed by sin,guilt comes
guilt - compulsion to act correctly
punishment - reminder
Punishment comes in the form of limitation
we have to resolve the sin,guilt,punishment
Everyone has rhythem
every place has rhythem
energy,rhythem all vibration
as you raise ur vibration,you will be in spiritual plane
rhythem is energy and vibration
you can energize water by changing its vibration

numerology,astrology,Qi - everything is vibration and rhythem
all these things work if you have the intention
Intention creates rhythem

you have to get emotion out of the way - this is the way to get manifestation
you have to be in the non-caring zone
emotion - any thought that has like or dislike attached to it
the higher the degree,the stronger the emotion
Magic word is INTENTION
Intention is enough,then do something
everything works,if there intention
Quantum Jumping - Controlled day dream with purpose
Meditation is concentration of attention
you think in volume also

Relationship is based on NEEDS.
If the needs of both the partners are fulfilled by the other,then relationship go well.
As the needs change,we need to identify and fulfill the needs.
one of the problem is Communication.
what is the need
if you are not to fill the need,then relationship will fail
It is as simple as that

communication is the key
Magic word - AS IF
act as if you are having good relationship,then do it

Burt Goldman was a disciple of Paramahamsha Yogananda
questions are very important
you have to ask the right questions
if you have to ask the genie who knows enerything about everything,what would you ask,3 questions:
1.what should be my next 2 questions?
2.what would be your life looks like if you have everything
whatever happens,use that to better your life


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