Friday, June 10, 2011

Tapping your way into Abundance

Listen to Brad Yates at: on EFT
Things are happening for reason
we have to take resonsibility
There are lot of energy that shaking up
All are positive only
once the stuff comes out to the surface,we can clear out
EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique
It is an easy and simple technique
It is a mind body process
Roger Callagan,Psycologist - pioneer
Healthy,wellbeing,joyful - our natural state
perturbations in the energy flow
Gary simplified the process invented by Roger
negative emotions are nothing but blockages of energy
we can clear this energy block by EFT
Only 2 emotions - Love and Fear
we are master manifestors
subconscious mind always tries to protect and keep us safe
outside is reflection of inside
Tapping is a simple way to clear the stress
beliefs about money
beliefs about ourselves
Anyone can do tapping
Tapping points:
karate chop
eye brow
side of the eye
under eye
under nose
chin point
collar bone
under arm
top of the head
even though i have this problem,i love and accept myself - say it while tapping(basic phrase)
worthiness to receive abundance is one of problem
I am worthy of abundance
measure it while saying it,1-10 without judging
I am connected to the source of all that is
I am connected to the source of abundance
I am worthy of abundance
Divine Intelligence
everything is energy
we are all connected
wow,we don't want what are the items in the trash bag,just throw it out!
Acknowledge the negative blocks,Tap it and clear it out!
I am worthy of love,abundance and God's Blessings!
I am a magnificient child of GOD!
I am worthy of GOD's blessings in body,mind and spirit!
If you are still here,your mission here in earth is not complete - Richard Bagh
Love to sharon,argentina
You are wonderful being,you are being loved!
We are creators
we are manifestors
for the person who is wanting more in life
here is way to saw through the chain of blockages
Most important thing is to love yourself
Start tapping if you can't love yourself and clear all the blockages
when we love ourselves,we are opening up the blessings from GOD

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