Monday, June 6, 2011

Health Secrets by JJ Virgin

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what we eat affects our mood
seratonin - feel good chemicals
clarity of thinking relates to what we eat
down to IQ level relates to eating

energy vibrations are there for different foods

you can't band aid with sugar,coffee,fast food to fix low energy

not good sleep,stressed out,eating crap - all reasons of not having energy

simple shifts - massive changes
we are here for a reason!
everyday should be uplifting!

Digestion,GI Track - if these don't work well,it affects our health
stress affects our digestion
we have more bacteria than cells
we have good bacteria
stress affects good bacteria
if you rush your food,you can't digest well

4-8 ouances of water while eating
drink water in between your meal
eat every 4-6 hours

de-aging secrets:

de-aging is setting the clock back
7-9 hrs of quality sleep,feeling rested,sleep within 15 mins while you go to bed
while sleeping,we are repairing
sex helps you to de-age,it helps you to destress
make time for exercise to de-age
heart,sweat should be exercise
our exercise should raise your heart rate
walk for some time and sprint for 30-60 seconds,4 total mins of burst
This is huse for de-aging
lactic is for growth
sugar is the main reason for accelerated aging
eating well,more protein to food,helps de-aging

start your day with a shake
coconut milk is a good one
corn syrup is bad
little fructose is o.k

All the change starts from within
This life should be of vitality,joy,energy,abundance!

food affects your self esteem
lentils,nuts,oysters - helps your health
if you have stress,you can't have good sex,sex harmones will be low
massage is helping to de-stress
we should become stress resiliance
Vitamin C is key for de-stress

focus on what you want
take care of your health
sleep well,eat well,exercise well
have vision boards for your health

3 things for a great life:

7-9 hrs of good night sleep
9-11pm,5.30-7am - sleep routine is good

start your day with protein shake(coconut milk,organic berries)

Bursting 3 days a week(walk,run)

sweet,wonderful,genuine,authentic person - what a wonderful comment!
toxic grid to divine grid,wow!
Implement with simple action steps
small steps make massive impact
start your day with a shake
eat couple of hrs before you sleep
do Right exercise
what,when,how you eat have impact on you
Incorporate greens
Brocolli - detoxifying food
ginger is good

Detox -
everyday we are getting toxins
Increase in cancer tells that we are more toxified
Detoxification is very vital for our health
we have to constantly unloading the toxins
Thank you so much Virgin!Thanks Darius!

It takes pain sometimes to push you to opportunity
we can design our own life
start with your life purpose,know your strengths,go forward
put right food into body
most successful people are most stress resiliant


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