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Your Greatest Truth

Your Greatest Truth by Darius:

This book is a novel on a person by name william boyle's journey from low life to a very successful man.It is like a treasure hunt.
If Neale's conversations with God is like a dialogue with God,this book is a conversation with one's higher the end,he realizes that the higher self is within himself.

Your Highest Truth is: "when the invisible ally,which is the higher self is with you,
you could never fail".

The stroy was happening in the 1880's.
The journey begins with william as a boy after losing his mother,to Norfolk,Virginia.
He visualized that he would board a train to virginia one day,leaving behind his misery.He worked very hard,saved money,finally one day,he was in a train to virginia.

Once he was in virginia,he was helping the port employees to load and unload the goods.He was very passionate and worked hard.
One day he was called by his boss and he was offered a manager post in one of the
companies.He put all his efforts and was very successful.

When the boss passed away,he wanted to prove himself and borrowed lot of bank loans to expand the company without the consent of his bosses.The company fined to pay the loan with interest as he couldn't succeed in the expansion.

He was fired from his post and again he came back to streets where he started before coming to virginia.One night,he had a scary experience.He saw two figues,a giant one and a small one wounded and bleeding.

After sometime,his higher self would show up and took him on a horse caravan journey.Then the conversation starting to unfold.

These are the golden nuggets i learnt from this incredible book:

There are two selves within each of us: lower self and higher self.
Higher self is connected to a higher wisdom.
If you feed more of your low self,it will ruin your mind and body.
If you are in touch with your higher self,it will deliver peace,abundance,happiness.
With your control your thought,you can control your attention to which self you focus on.
There is an universal law of cause and effect.Whatever you sow,you will reap.If you sow apple seeds,you will get apples only,not oranges.

There is a story of a boy and his gradfather.Grandpa said we have two wolves within each of us.The boy asked confused,so which one will grow more?
Grandpa said whichever you feed more.

one of the greatest fact is: it is only you who believe yourself low or weak.

Each one of us has limiting beliefs which limit our connection to our higher self,and limit our Connection to our true power.Release the limiting beliefs and forgive yourself.

Do not let go of your deepest desire.Feel as if you have accomplished this desire.then continue to Act and move must guard your thoughts as a watchman at the should plant only positive thoughts.

Creative thoughts require only less can very easily replace one thought with the other.Just change of thought can change the outcome of life.

One's level of thought,just like a magnet,will entertain people,things,circumstances which resonates to the vibration of that thought.

Suffering and failure are the means for growth,they are preparation for a greater victory.

Opportunity is everywhere. luck is an imaginary have to act very swiftly when opportunity comes and you have to move with faith.
We are connected to everyone and everything.

When you follow your creative self,it not only benefits you but the entire world.
You only increase by providing service to others.service will allow us to advance.
Happiness is created by giving.if your heart is dedicated to service,you will attract people with thoughts aligned with yours.this is called law of multiple returns.

Take inventory of what you have now and be grateful and appreciate.
Just like a farmer,get rid of all the weeds in your mind and cultivate positive ones.

The advancement in one's life is based on the watermark one sets in his mind.

Forgive yourself and others unconditionally.release yourself from the past.

William boyle became one of the largest land developers and builders of housing in northwest.

This book reminds us that we are a creative being by birth.we have to remain connected to the power of our higher self always.
This book reveals a great truth.Highly recommended.

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