Saturday, April 28, 2012

Go Within,Find Your Silence

Five Powerful Thoughts

We are thinking approximately 60,000 thoughts per day.
Most of us are struggling with Mind Chatter.
What kind of boon it would be if we can have only fewer thoughts?
This little book helps to that exactly.

A great revealition: You are not your thoughts and the feelings associated with them.
You are the sum total of your moments and Intentions, not your thoughts.
Thoughts are never good or bad.

When your thoughts are transparent to yourself,then the Law of Attraction will work for you.
Five minutes of silence each morning will help you along the way.
Choose your next best thought.

Nice comparison between Google and the mind.
Mind is not intelligent enough on itself,we need to make it to choose our thoughts wisely.

Then comes the 3 magical words.

We are learning about the zero effort model for life based on 12 universal principles.
If We learn to acquire the power of discrimination,our dependency on mind decreases.
For that we need spend more time in the present moment.
To spend this precious time,we need to find our P-Spot.

Vish comes up with a very powerful definition of silence: Silence is nothing but delaying your next thoughts.

I love this quote: All victories have been won in the mind first.

Another good one: Trust is nothing but spending quality time.

There are life changing exercises throughout the book which will help you immensely.

The chapter on the Power of Knowledge is a great eye opener from what we are thinking as knowledge.

Viswanath's journey to have fewer thoughts and his passion for vivekanandha's teachings is resonating with my journey.

The Author says the message is much more important than the messenger,but we are doing the opposite.

The story of Narada about illusion is a nice one.
What is your jug of water?

Stop seeing and Start watching,my friends!

What is your P-Spot?

It is a great little book which helps immensely to have fewer,Powerful Thoughts,Highly recommended.

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