Saturday, April 21, 2012

We are Divine

Experience heaven by VishWriter

I got a chance to read this little kindle eBook today,thanks to Vish.

When I read the first few pages,i thought,not another story from Ancient Hindu scriptures.
But Vishwriter made the complex spiritual concepts so easy for anyone to grasp.

It is my good karma that I get a chance to review this wonderful little book.

The Book is about the story of Nachiketa,who died and came back alive.
When he met the king of death 'Yama',he asked for 3 boons.
The 3rd boon he asked was the secret everyone curious to know,what is happening after death.

Initially, Yama was very resistant as he never shared this secret with anyone.
But as Nachiketa insisted,he went on to explain the secret.
He explained about the Prakarti(cosmic intelligence) and the properties of 'I Consciousness(Pravartti)'.
He went on to explain the concept of Time.
He was telling Nachiketa about Purusha(God or Soul) which is eternal and Timeless.

Through Yama's words,we are getting to know about 'the Cycle of the Universe'.

I like this quote: 'Truth is not seeing and Believing.It is about being and becoming'.
Another wonderfu lquote: 'To Love is to Live and to hate is to die'.

I like Vish's comparison of Jiva(The individual Soul) with data in a computer.
(Like me,Vish also from computer background)
I like his breaking down complex subject with story telling.
The short stories are really eye opening,especially the Sage who meets the Housewife and the Butcher.

The explanation about 'The Law of Karma - the law of cause and effect is simple and excellent'.

Then comes the Law of Non-Attachment which conveys the words of Bhagavan Kannan,
who said 'Do your work and don't expect the fruits'.

We are of divine nature.It should be our duty to evolve more and try to merge into Purusha who is omnipresent.
The writer advises us to get rid of our individuality and merge ourselves into the One which created everything.

There are exercises for us to do at the end which will help us in our path of evolution.

The Author talks about Reincarnation,some readers may find it difficult to believe.
It needs more exploration of the self to grasp this concept.

It is a wonderful book to read,which I highly recommend.
It helps one to evolve spiritually.

I felt a sense of Gratitude.
My heart filled with Light and Love after reading this knowing that I am one with that One.

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