Sunday, April 1, 2012

What are you Grateful for Now?

Gratitude is one of the wonderful emotions.
It is the foundation for the abundance.
It will open up the floodgate of abundance.

I am grateful for the sunlight,moon light.
I am grateful for the Air we are breathing.
I am grateful for the water we are drinking.
I am grateful for my Health,Family,Career.
I am grateful for the Hotel I am staying in now.
I am grateful for my friend who is helping me in cooking and car pool.
I am grateful for the delicious food at Indian Restaurant Curry House,Lexington,KY.
I am grateful for my Travel Business.

My Grand father used to pray and give thanks to the God before he starts to eat every time,without fail.

Bharathi,the great Indian Poet,wrote 'How many millions of pleasures you have for us to enjoy in this world my God!'

There is a song in praise of lord Kannan,called 'Kurai Ondrum Illai' means 'I have everything,thanks to you'.

when you are in the state of gratitude,you have the emotion of having it all.
It indicates to the world that you are abundant and it brings the same in abundance.

Dr.Demartini told once he is having gratitude sobs in the morning.
I used to have the same,while i am praying in the Temple,hearing the mantra chantings.

Have a gratitude journal and write atleast 5 things you are grateful for daily.
You can do it online at: Gratitude Log
or Revelri

Watch my video on Gratitude:

Watch this amazing video on Gratitude:

Have a wonderful day!

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