Saturday, October 31, 2009

Aim for the Heart

Aim For the Heart! by Miguel Alvarez

Copywriting is an art.
A Sales letter is an important piece in the marketing strategy.
It has to pull the attention of the customer,help him to make a decision,
make him to take action.
This little report on copywriting talks about the important aspects of copywriting.
It gives you the difference between 'Copy' and 'Emotional Copy'.
It covers all the emotional aspects in buying and how to use them.
It talks about various personalities(communication styles) and how to tweak your sales letter.
It explains the copywriting process based on AIDA formula(Attention,Interest,Desire,Action).
It gives you a sample sales letter to start with.
It empahsizes on customer feedback in copywriting.

It is a information rich,small ebook on copywriting.
I highly recommend this report.

Get your free copywriting report 'Aim for the Heart' at:
Aim for the Heart

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