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Top 10 Ways to Become a Money Magnet!

Top 10 Ways to Become a Money Magnet!
by Megan Jenifer

"How can I make more money?"--the question that is all too familiar
to working class citizens who really want the answer.
An overlooked solution to this dilemma is to determine how attracted
money is to you. Here are 10 key steps to draw more money into
your life:

1. Promote yourself.

When you think of self-promotion and feel apprehensive, it's
because of the ego, which coerces us to believe we are not worthy
of money, reward, attention or abundance. Giving way to the
negative gut feelings of not wanting to market yourself (your
business, your service, your skills, etc.) ensures that you'll be
disappointed when your income is slim. Nonetheless, by using words
of empowerment around self-promotion, the intensity of your
magnetic energy around money is amplified. Practice doing this by
telling yourself that you deserve abundance. Continuously affirm
that you are worthy of all the money you're receiving. State
boldly that lucrative opportunity always comes your way. When you
see your value, it should be easy to promote and market yourself.
It's visible when you accept that you warrant success and what you
have to offer can help and benefit others. At this point,
prosperity will be drawn to you by virtue of the Law of Attraction.

2. Be likeable.

Being likeable doesn't mean that you have to "kiss up" to anyone.
You simply should create a genuine and positive disposition that
exudes peace and radiates love. For some, this is difficult
because they have gotten accustomed to being a certain way. If you
notice that you have a negative temperament, ask yourself how this
attitude is helping you. If it's only proving that you are right,
you are better off creating vibrations that will suit your desired
result. You do this by smiling more, greeting people, waving
hello, saying thank you, not complaining or blaming. When you act
this way, you increase your likeability. As a result, you will
attract the right people to help you along your journey. This
includes the right boss, the right business partners, the right
loan officers and thus the most satisfying results.

3. Think bigger than what you'd normally consider as enough.

You determine the exact amount of your financial success. It's up
to you to decide how much money you want to create, and how
comfortable you feel around money. There are certain people who
have a lot of money. To these people, what seems like a lot to us
are pennies to them. That's because their comfort zone around
money is very large. Instead of talking down about rich people, or
finding something wrong with them, start playing a similar role and
learn from them. Turn your thoughts around money to one's that
significantly stretch your comfort zone. If you want to
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4. Be grateful for what you already have.

Consistently being in an attitude of gratitude puts you in a
position energetically to begin drawing more situations and
circumstances to be grateful for. Create this attraction now by
being grateful for all of the money that you currently have. Also,
you should start being thankful for all of the unexpected income
you're receiving even though it has not manifested yet. Rejoice in
advance for all the money you desire to have as if you already
possess it. You'll be amazed at how expressing gratitude for small
things opens up doors to much bigger things.

5. Smile more when thinking about money.

How does the thought of money make you feel? Do you feel
disheartened and uneasy? Change your attitude about money so that
you can resonate with having more of it. Feeling terrible around
money makes it literally stay away from you by the Universal Law of
Attraction. This Law is activated by your thoughts and feelings.
As it relates to finances, it's activated by how you think and feel
specifically about money. So, since the Law of Attraction is
always happening like the Law of Gravity, it would be in your best
interest to start being happy, joyous and excited when you think
about money. The Unlimited Universal Bank game helps with this
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so money will be more attracted to you.

6. Give without expectation.

Detaching from the outcome of anything is very important in
learning how to manifest what you desire. Your attraction
intensifies positively when you give of yourself abundantly to
others with your love, time, money and resources. Oftentimes,
people wish to have those same things restored to them. However,
when you attach yourself to a return directly from the individual
who you gave to, an expectation is created that can lead to
disappointment. Instead, separate yourself from the outcome.
Therefore, when you do receive, it may come from a place that's
totally unexpected, and it may be much more than what you imagined.
Give freely knowing that you will be rewarded, and release the
attachment to the expectation.

7. Choose work that suits you.

Feeling good is essential to attracting more of it. If you are
constantly dreading going to and doing your work, then it will be
arduous and disappointing no matter how hard you try to get ahead.
If you continue to plow along in this fashion, you'll miss out on a
lot that life has to offer, especially realizing your fullest
potential. When you perform work that you love, it opens doors for
opportunity. You create vibrations of joy and happiness that will
help to attract everything you need to be successful. When you
work from a place of bliss, you can trust that you're creating
value for others, resulting in more value for yourself.

8. Change your beliefs around money.

How many of us have been conditioned to believe that money is the
root of all evil, money is bad, or have used the phrase "filthy
rich"? These statements and beliefs continue to perpetuate a myth
around money, which in turn repels it. Since your beliefs create
your reality, become more attractive to money by believing the
opposite of what you have been conditioned to think. Instead of
saying "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer", say something
like, "I admire and model rich people. I am getting richer and
richer each day!" Developing beliefs along this line will help to
draw more money into your life.

9. Change your attitude around money.

Just as you have to change your normal disposition about your job
or other people, the same is true for money. Your attitude around
it affects how much you will have and how much you will keep.
Develop a loving viewpoint toward money that is respectful and
happy. Position yourself as someone that money will want to be
around. Treat it as a tool that creates more wealth and prosperity
for you. Start learning other financial management habits that
help money work for you instead of against you.

10. Make it your intention to create more money.

The power of intention is beyond measure. Any wealthy person will
tell you that they had to create them to be successful. More
familiar terms used to describe this aim may be a "goal statement"
or an objective. The modern world of science proves that an
intention around money activates an area in your brain that becomes
a "heat-seeking" device for it. By our focused thought, the Laws
of the Universe are activated and go to work to start manifesting
the results. State clearly what you want and by when. Instead of
saying I want more money, say something like, "I'm creating a
passive income stream of $10,000 per month by June--this or
something better!" The more specific and detailed your intention,
the keener the attenuation of the signal to the Universe.

© Copyright Megan Jenifer

Megan Jenifer is a teacher and motivational speaker on the Law of
Attraction. Many of her writing topics include self-motivation,
self-actualization, creative visualization, and attitude, the power
of thought, intention and words. Megan is the author of the book
How Ordinary People Attract Extraordinary Wealth!
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