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Everybody Can Be A Millionaire

Everybody Can Be A Millionaire
by Patric Chan

I know it’s hard to grasp for some - I mean, if you say that to my face 5 years ago, I’ll say that you’re out of your mind. To be frank, it never comes across my mind at all that I’ll be where I am today humbly.

You see, in this new age of time that we’re living in, there are many ‘vehicles’ for you become a millionaire. It has created a new platform where ideas and some willingness to act upon them can turn an ordinary person to a self-made millionaire.

For instance, at only 15 years old, Jasmine Lawrence became a millionaire by creating her own brand of natural beauty products and has a distribution deal with Wal-Mart. Yes, fifteen.

Remember the “Secrets” about Law Of Attraction? If you’ve been reading personal development books all of these while like Think And Grow Rich, Science Of Getting Rich and so on, you’ll know that it wasn’t something very novel but it was an idea of “recreating” the concept and adding more energy to it. By the way, I believe the creator of The Secrets wasn’t a known person before and she literally leverage on other speakers and authors to achieve this phenomenal success. I bet she’s now a millionaire and she gets my highest admiration for her acomplishement today.

There are so many other people who became millionaires from nothing that are not ‘advertised’ on the internet or in the newspapers. Who knows, your neighbors might even be millionaires. Whether the millions are created from starting businesses or trading stocks, the internet have definitely made it much simpler for anyone. For the obvious main reason… the internet allows you to leverage on the world’s market. Whether you’re selling a product or becoming an author, the internet can help you do it faster.

To become a millionaire, you need a good idea.

But that alone won’t help you with anything because everyone has a million-dollar idea in them.

It’s the WILLINGLESS to act upon it.

Let me tell you something - most people are just like dead people walking with absolutely no energy and drive for success. They want the ‘easy way’ and that’s not wrong but the problem is, the ‘easy way’ doesn’t exist until you’ve taken the ‘hard way’. Then everything is ‘easy’.

A few hours ago (before I wrote this), I was driving in the parking lot area and a young man was in the middle of the lane, walking extremely slow. I stopped my car but did not horn him to avoid being rude and arrogant in my car. He stopped walking across the lane and looked up at me in the windscreen, starring for a while. Then he continues walking slowly with absolutely no urgency to move faster for me to pass, with a grudge on his face that he doesn’t wants to ‘lose’. (I’ve checked, he is not injured or anything.)

The weirdest thing is he felt intimidated because I ‘win’ that he has to move for me to pass, so he decided to walk even slower proving that he doesn’t needs to do what I want, to follow my ‘instruction’.

And secondly, he walked so slow as if he has nothing to live for.

Let me repeat – he’s not injured or just finish exercising.

Well, I could be wrong to be judgmental. The point is, I want to relate this to you because that’s HOW MOST PEOPLE ACT and wonders why they don’t become millionaires.

Young or old, there are people who are not willing to learn from others just to prove to themselves that they’re not ’stupid’. Then there are people who find it extremely hard to compliment or admire others because they don’t want to feel inferior.

For me, when I see someone else’s success, I admire that. And if I get the chance to speak with him or her, I’ll be the first to tell him how great he/she is because his/her success is my inspiration to strive for greater success in life.

Understand this success principle – you’re not in competition with anyone, therefore, the inferior emotion is just an illusion created by your brain, basing on your environment and surrounding people. The only competition that you’re competing is YOU, to better perform what you’re capable of achieving today.

Remember the young guy who’s walking slowly? That will determine how he acts and thinks too. You know why people in Singapore are more successful than most other developed countries (based on ratio)? This is the same too in big cities because they are ‘fast people’.

When you move fast, you somehow gain energy and momentum. It’s a fascinating fact that your movement is connected with your mind.

You walk slow, you feel tired.

So if you want to create the habit of taking action, shouldn’t you be slightly faster in your life, in anything that you do?

Of course, use your logical mind - I’m not asking you to eat faster and choke yourself and so on. I know you’re a smart person, assert it yourself of what you should be fast at.

Until today, I haven’t met a millionaire that has no energy - they’re all energetic people in one form or another.

You see, energy equals passion. You got to be passionate when you’re doing what you’re doing to become a millionaire. I mean, if you’re not passionate with your own goal, how are you going to expect anyone else to be passionate of your dream and help you to achieve it?

Now, I want you to do something for yourself – believe that you can be a millionaire because that’s the very first step to realizing any dream into a reality. (If you’re already a millionaire, what’s your next goal? That is where you got to strive for now…).

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Patric Chan

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Good one on positivethinking and it helps a lot.

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