Sunday, November 29, 2009

Outrageous Mastery

Outrageous Mastery By Sasha Xarrian

I read the book 'Outrageous Mastery' by Sasha Xarrian on today.
It is an incredible journey.I cried several times while i was reading.
Main message of the book is:
"I am the most powerful person in my life and i will be able to create the life i deserve."
It reminds us that we are divine and we have the power to overcome any obstacle.

It is the narration of author's life,a compelling autobiography.
Each chapter includes her life events,comment by the author and comment by her 'God Friends'.
Each chapter reveals a great secret.

The Victory of the author is a victory for the mankind.
Her feeling of her dad after his passing away reminds me of my father.
It taught me to see Gratitude in a new light: We should be grateful for whatever happens.
It reassures that faith is the one of the powerful force.

This is what i tweeted Sasha(@SashaXarrian) after reading the book:
I read 'Outrageous Mastery' today.I cried several times.I think,there is a reason you came into my life at this time,Thanks.
It is a great read and i highly recommend your copy.
Sasha Xarrian's Outrageous Mastery How to create daily miracles check out:
Outrageous Mastery

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