Monday, June 16, 2008

Think and Become Wealthy

I read the Book "Think and Grow Rich" yesterday.
This is my third time reading this book.
It is a self development classic.It is like a Bible to self improvement.
It sold over 15 million copies.

It was written by Napoleon Hill in 1937.He interviewed many successful people as per the request by the billionaire Andrew Carnegie,in all kinds of industries and profiled the reason for their success in this book.He spent 20 years to complete this project.This edition is Revised and expanded by Dr.Arthur R.Pell.
Dr.Arthur added the modern day success stories of men like Bill Gates,Stephen Spielberg,Arnold,Howard Shultz,Bruce Lee,etc.

He outlined the secret for success in this book which is "THINKING".
Everything starts with your thought which manifests in physical form later.

Here are the 13 steps to Riches:

1.Desire :
This is the starting point of all achievement.One should have a burning desire about what he wants.

This is one of the fundamental character for success.Have faith in yourself,you can do whatever you want.

This is one powerful method to program your sub-conscious mind about your goal.

4.Specialized Knowledge:
This is more necessary in this competitive world.Aquire specialized knowledge in whever field you are in.

This is a great tool to attain what one wants.Visualization is creating a picture in your mind about what one wants and leads to physical creation.Visualize vividly with very minute detail about what you want.

6.Organized Planning:
Without planning,one can't achieve he wants just by imagining and visualization.One should have a solid plan.

This is one of the key traits of successful people.They will decide very quickly and change later if needed very slowly.

This is one of the most important characters needed to be successful.
Do your job,give sometime to manifest,you will get what you wanted.

9.Power of the Master Mind:
One can't do everything.Two minds are more powerful than one.
Form a group of master minds to achive your goal.

10.Mastery of Sex Transmutation:
Sex is one of the powerful stimuli to action.One shouldn't over indulge in sex.
Divert and Use this powerful energy to achive success.

11.The Subconscious Mind:

Subconscioud mind is very powerful.But it can be easily programmed.
It doesn't know the difference between Reality and Unreal.
Visualize and create mental pictures about what you want,hear about what you want,subconscious mind will help you to achieve it.

12.The Brain:

This is the broadcasting and Receiving station of thoughts.
So broadcast good thoughts and recive in return the good stuff.

13.The Sixth Sense:
The Gut feeling or instinct.This can be developed by contacting with Infinite Intelligence,by practicing meditation,spending a private time with oneself.

There is a whole chapter on overcoming our fears like poverty,criticism,ill health,loss of loved ones,old age,death.
Finally there is a chapter dedicated to avoid susceptibility to evil influences.

This is one of my all time favorites.Read this book again and again whenever you have time.This will lead you to the path of success and prosperity.


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The Power of Attitude

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Martin UK said...

I prefer the materials by Douglas Vermeeren who many say is the new Naoleon Hill. He also conducted the same studies with top business people in his day. But Vermeeren is more relevant to today including business that were not in existence in Hill's day. Vermeeren also included cleebrities and Ahtletes which were not considered as successful in the ealry 1900's, Vermeeren's strategies are very applicable to todya and have relevant examples and insights that in som cases strengthen what Napoleon Hill original said, but in many times add to it and go beyond what Hill wrote. There are clips on Vermeeren on (enter "douglas Vermeeren" in the search field) and on his website I have found a look of free material that helped me specifically in my network marketing business. And Napoleon never even talked about those kinds of millionaires because there weren't really any around in his day. As my team leader one time expressed it, encouraging me to throw out some really old sales training cassettes I had (he wasn't chatting about Napoleon Hill at the time, but the same principle holds true) "We need to get our information and training from the most relevant up to speed and connected individuals we can. If we are not learning from the cutting edge, we are learning what everybody already knows." Yes. I do think alot of what Hill teaches is out dated.

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