Sunday, June 8, 2008

11 Ways To Eat to a Healthy Life

Here are some of the eating habits to have a healthier life:

1.Drink Green Tea:

Less caffine,more healthy Anti-oxidants.
It will increase your metabolism.

2.Drink eight glasses of water:

Drink 8 glasses of water every day.Water purifies your body and helps in smooth excretion of toxins and wastes.It boosts your energy.

3.Eat a good breakfast:

Don't skip your breakfast.Eat a good,healthy breakfast.Since your body is fasting for a longtime,a good breakfast is vital to get back energy.

4.Eat early at night:

Eating early at night(try to make it 7pm) helps in good digestion,relaxed sleeping,less work for your body to digest.It is a very good tip for weight loss.
Eat less at night,take light food.

5.Eat lot of Fruits and Vegetables:

More colourful your food,more healthy you are.
Eat more fruits and green vegetables.They are the primary source of all vitamins and minerals,fiber our body needs.
You are less vulnerable to chronic diseases if you eat more fruits and vegetables.
Eating fruits and vegetables helps in weight management.

6.Eat in small portions:

Don't eat a full course meal at one time.Eat in small portions at a regular intervals.

7.Eat only when you are hungry:

Eating only when we feel hungry helps in easy digestion and weight management.

8.Cut down on SSO:

Cut down the amount of Salt, Sugar, Oil.Enough salt is already there in what we eat.Excess salt is very harmful for our body.More sugar leads to more weight.Oil is a good way to add more fat.

9.Say no to Fast Food:

Say no to fast food,they are fake foods as per Randy Gage.
They are not healthy.Spend some time to cook your own food.

10.Don't eat in hurry:

Don't eat in a hurry.This may seem to be impossible in this fast paced world,but it is practically possible.Chew your food,don't swallow it in a hurry.Chewing helps in good digestion.

11.Fast whenever possible:

Fasting is one of the powerful methods to clean up your body.
It gives more rest to your body.
It can be weekly once or monthly once as per one's own plan.
Drink lot of water,juice on the day of fasting.

All the best for good Health!

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