Friday, June 13, 2008

Back to Fundamentals

I have seen Nammalvar's interview with Gnani in Kumudam WebTv on today.
Nammalvar is a natural agriculture expert and Gnani is a celebrated journalist.
Here is my email to Gnani after watching the episode:

India is an Agricultural country.Unless we go back to our basics,there is no solution to food crisis.We have ten acres of land,five acres of which are cultivatable.My parents are still there looking after the lands in salem,Tamilnadu.

We find very tough to find people to work in our field.There are very few now to work in the fileds.All are migrating to cities to work for contruction,road pavement,moved to chennai,mumbai,kerala for betterment of life.

My friend Raju's village Kodur near chitoor in A.P.There are very few now doing agriculture there.Atleast one person is in Gulf countries from Kodur.Their parents and relatives are living with the bank interest from gulf money ignoring agriculture.

There is no ROI in agriculture anymore.My father is only spending every year
but he is not getting any return from agriculture as the rates are low,no rain,the wage for workers are very high.People are losing their hope on agriculture.Raw materials are highly priced,every farmer is always in debt.

Since there is no return every year,they can't payback agricultural loans.
The farmers who are not paying,susceptible to JAPTI from bankers,which is one of worse days of farmers life which i have seen once for my neighboring farmer.
Lot of lands are becoming either horticulture(growing broilers for meat and eggs)
or Prawn culture(growing fish).

Every land owner is forced to use tractors as there is a shortage of labour.
Farmers are so used to new farming that they forgot natural methods.

Unless government is going towards farmer helping policies and farmers are confident of doing agriculture again,there is very little hope now existing for agriculture in india where still lot of its majority population living in villages
and doing agriculture.

India needs self awareness from its people.They have to know their self worth.They need self confidence.

Then comes the fundamentals right,like Agriculture,Education(especially females),Health care,Poverty eradication.Every one should become productive without following politicians and cinema,without going after freebies,without going to Liquor shop.

India will emerge as world leader as it has the most younger population.

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