Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Law of Emergence

Listen to Derek Rydall on Law of Emergence at:

Everything is within us
All power is within our consciousness
None of them have power over us
You have the power to activate the Inspiration

1.see the completed vision
2.Cultivate the congruent action

see,feel and live,plan it!
There is nothing holding you back except the paradigm you are having
whatever is missing in your life is which you are not activating

What action you can take now towards the direction of your dream?
Can you start taking that action now?
Your life will emerge inside out

Our desires are within us wanting to get out
You are pregnant with your desires
Nourish and cultivate them
Create an outer environment to welcome into being
Desire is not the problem,but attachment is the problem
Desire is of the creative force
we are not separate from each other or God,light
You already got it!


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