Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Birthing into the Heart and Mind of GOD

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You are Light and Love
You are the expression of God
waves of ascention are already there
we should realise who we are and what we are capable of
we have to be committed
we shouldn't buy into the things which trap us
There is nothing wrong with you
100% white pure light are waiting to support you as long as you support yourself
you have to love yourself
My path is illuminated with divine love
every question is answered
my way is made clear
with love,faith,courage
I wrap myself in higher consciousness
Allow the power of good to surge through me
I am god light
I intend to live each day as a brand new day no longer connecte dto the past
I am empowered
I am being lifted to the future of my self
Breath out particles of your old self
Let it go
Be conscious of being conscious
we are going forward now
we are raising our vibration
Breathe in Love
Breathe out the parts of which no longer serve you
we are awakened
feel your vibration
feel your self lifted
feel the support you are getting
your destiny is already waiting for you
It is already there
It will come to you
You are able to raise yourself up
you are lifted every minute
you are god in form
there is nothing you can do
we just have to believe
we have just let the stories go
we can't live the lie anymore
you can thrive
You no longer have to be a victim anymore
you have to want it bad enough
you become your priority
you are the way,mean,vehicle
that is how loved you are
you are trusted
glorious steward of your own life
bring heaven to earth - that is why we are here
we are god in form
Allow yourself to get rid of which no longer serve you
Have all the abundance in all forms of life
Consciousness is feeling the presence of you
Right now,the door to consciousness is open
Lower consciousness - takes experience personally,frequently afraid,fear,worry,feed on drama,stories,of self perception,on going state of dillusion
Expanded consciousness(higer) - your beingness filled with light and love,creation filled with love,wisdom,fully connected to what is in the moment,independant of mental reaction
one who operates in this state is mentally aware,calm
it is not complicated
It is peaceful,relaxing
All is well
higher the consciousness,higher the flow
entire beingness moving into the state of everything in its higest state of potentiality
we are our own elevators
It is all choice
we choose
I now open my mind to receive the good
God is my source
I get fabulous increase
good comes to me in all the sources

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