Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sleep Your Way to Success

Listen to Wendt Robbins on sleep your way to success
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Our greatest fear is we are powerful beyond our imagination!
holistic wealth
In service to millions of other people

shifting and changing our belief system helps in a great way
what is my disempowering beliefs?
we need to pinpoint our beliefs
keep a shovel and keep on digging inside you
once you release all the limiting beliefs,you can be free
measure in the scale of 1 to 10,where are you now?
what do you do now?

The Process:
How to get rid of your negative beliefs:
Ask these powerful questions:
1.find out what do you believe
2.where did you pick that belief?
3.why do you believe that?
4.what do you get out of believing that those beliefs?
5.Is this belief real?
6.choose the opposite of that belief
7.Create examples in your life of doing the opposite of your belief
8.what would happen if you let go of that limiting belief?

As you grow,evolve more,you will find your limiting beliefs
Thoughts and feelings leads into actions which produces results

we are having 60000 thoughts per day,out of which,major % are limiting beliefs
Do your thought work as well as belief work

"You Go Girl" - Marriane Williamson
'As you wish' - say to your thoughts
whenever you get a Negative thought - say 'Cancel'

You direct the messages sent to your subconscious,make it all positive
BE,DO,HAVE - This is the process
when we remove the negative programming,we can become what we meant to be
get back to the root,remove the negative beliefs,you will become the person you want to be
go girl
you have permission to be rich
My job is not to know about the how,it is source's job
our source knows the how
be in service
have the big why,don't worry about the How
wonderful story Wendy
Under promise,Over deliver
we need people who are living in passion and love

Wendy's message:
you can't have your excuse and your win at the same time
Have a Huge WHY
nobody on this that they can't succeed
those old stories won't hold you back
if you keep on doing what you are doing now,expecting a different results,you are crazy
give a gift of empowerment to others
life we live now,life we want to be,connect the gap

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