Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Magic of Theta Healing

Listen to Brent Phillip on
The Truth Behind the Law of Attraction:The Miracle and Magic of Theta Healing
at : Youwealth
we are unconsciously creating every wealth inside
Recognition of your inner being

Theta Healing:
every aspect of reality is created by us
we are connected by cosmic network
we are no longer victim to the circumstances
process of theta healing is the ability to trigger theta wave to open up your subconscious mind

How do you make GOD laugh,tell him your plans
Amazing story Brent!
This healing method is very subjective

What is Theta Healing?
Brent - Master the method,improved it
learned the spritual aspect,found processes,tools

Law of Attraction:
power of subconscious mind
LOA is very real and powerful
what is missing is: addressing the subconscious mind

95% is results locked up in subconscious mind
there should be no subconscious blocks
belief systems enbedded into our tissues level
Theta Healing have methodologies to identify the limiting subconscious beliefs and clear
muscle testing - ask questions to subconscious mind,body cellular memory
Using Theta wave to open up the subconscious mind

Just like bugs in our computer programming,we are manipulating the symptoms,instead of addressing the root
To really fix it,apply patch,fix the hard drive code
We all have software,the subconscious mind(software of the soul)
all our experiences are created by this software programming
we are code for all these experience
find the program and chnging is theta healing
you can debug your subconscious mind using theta healing

your whole life is created by your subconscious mind
Your life should be aligned with your spiritual truth

if you know the model of this universe working,we won't call this as miracles
it is different from what we thought
the world is having some solididty - our thought
that is not true,it is an illusion
life is an illusion
whole reality is created out of your energy,conscious
if you are not doing anything in a computer,it is static
same like our life
if you clear your subconscious mind,your whole life will be different

what is you going through in your life is driving to your destiny - Darius
There is a reason you are here
the universe created a space for you to be here
If you keep your heart is open,you will have the chance to grow

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