Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Change your financial future in 2011

T Harv Eker on change your financial future in 2011
at: Youwealthrevolution


Inner Wealth is youwealth
your own power
believing that you have power
Access the true power in yourself

we live in a victim mentality
we are always complaining
It is not the same world

we all have a Money Blueprint
It is like a thermostat-financial thermostat
For a permanent change,To change the thermostat on a permanent level,same for finance too
The Root cause is Money Blueprint
Subconscious level of money blue print should be set correctly(set point)
who set it?
the people when you are young,in the empty files of your mind

Your thoughts -> feelings -> actions -> results
we are missing something here
programming comes before your thoughts
our file cabinets are not supportive to wealth and success
Look at the result you have now to know everything you need to know
It is not the economy
the World is full of new opportunities
1.Youwealth - Rely always on you
2.How to create wealth - need to help others

we can change our blueprint absolutely!
Analogy - hardware and software - in a computer
Changing the software - changing the money blueprint
don't worry about the hardware
can i change?

how does that work(transformation)?
mind - file cabinet
open up the files,see what in there,pulling the files are old,unsupportive
replace with new and supportive files
strengthen some of the files
we have some files which are good and strong
willing to do whatever you got

Only cellular transformation is permanent

how many of "YOU" are there ever before or right now,ever going to be?
you are pretty special,unique
T Harv Eker -> T - The only one Harv Eker
wow,what an awesome story!

I can get results
I can pass through all the things now going through

Choose the vechicle in alignment with who you are,passionate about,unique to you,you are strong

at,naturally talented at
Money is easy

how do i make money? bad question
we have to earn money
A person who "solves problems" for people at profit or pay - business person or person at work
you are a problem solver
now you know how to earn money
solve problems for more people,more money you can get
what problem you can solve?
Who you are at the root is the key to financial success
money is an reward for solving problems for people
don't put your emphasis on money,put your heart on how you can solve problems for people
None of them will work unless you change your inner money thermostat
outer world,inner world - both should be in alignment

once you change your money blueprint,everything will change automatically
when you do the things at certain way like successful people do,you will become successful

T Harv Eker's message:
Own your freaking power
stop doubting yourself
what you focus on expanding,focus on good
start focus on what is working
don't complain!
take whatever you got,start from where you are
nobody will handover success in a platter
Start a new page in your life
If you want success,'BE' a success

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Success said...

If the average person who is unhappy with their lives, would read this and take it to heart, they could likely completely change their lives for the better in under 2 years.

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