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The Millionaire Mindset

I read a great book "The Millionaire Mindset - How ordinary people create extra ordinary income" by Gerry Robert.

This is my second read and it is so inspiring and valuable.
It insists more on the mindset than others as our mindset decides our wealth and prosperity.
These are my notes about this book:

There are eight magics to become a millionaire:

1.Thinking magic:
Universal laws:
1.The law of sowing and reaping
2.The law of polarity
3.The law of germination
4.The law of vibration

Your conscious mind is the captain and your subconscius mind is the crew.
The crew obeys without question.It can't differentiate.
Send prosperous,wealthy commands.
Get rid of the old concepts placed in your mind by authority figures.
You have the power to choose and choose only healthy thoughts.
Have and repeat money affirmations.
write your heart's desire,Feel about them,visualize them,have affirmations,repeat them daily.
There is something to learn in every challenge.
Your response to deal with the storms of life determine the results you achieve.
Every negative has a positive side,look for it.
Remember,every challenge goes away.

Money making habits:
1.Have prosperous beliefs about money.
2.Condition yourself to wealth.
3.Magnetize yourself to your heart's desire.
4.Magnetize yourself to unrelenting persistence.
5.Magnetize yourself for money making habits.
6.Magnetize yourself to massive action.
7.Magnetize yourself to wealth building associates.
8.Magnetize yourself to a program of progress.

2.Habit magic
Master your habits.
Learn new life changing habits.
Develop self discipline.
Use the 6 steps to self-discipline:
1.Define purpose.
2.Find role models.
3.See success
4.Delay Gratification.
5.Use Advanced decision making.
6.Get Support.

3.Goals magic
Goals keep you focused.
Goals give you purpose.
Create your heart's dream list.
List the goal category.
Put your goal in writing and make it specific.
Give it a timeline.
Identify the blockers.
Identify the skills you need to achieve the goals.
Identify the resources you need.
List the benefits of the goal.
Include a workable plan.
Build in accountability factors.
Move into action.

4.Money Magic
Managing money means mastering money.
Financial planning is crucial.
Create a file system.
Fill in and have copies of your master data worksheet.
Make a commitment to save atleast 10% of what you earn.
Live within your means.
Make more money or spend less.
Have a monthly Income and Expense worksheet.
Have financial intelligence.
Avoid the common money mistakes and Rip-offs.
Determine the credit card interest rates and pay off the credit card balances ASAP.
Replace high interest with low interest,no annual fee credit cards.
Know the problems with debt and have the right attitude about debt.

5.M.S.I magic
Have Multiple sources of Income(MSI).
Write down any hobbies, activities, and skills that interest you.
In many cases you can turn those things into an MSI.
Your M.S.I should be:
1.Low Risk.
2.Have low time involvement.
3.Require low management.
4.Demand only low personal energy.
5.Require low capitalization.
6.Require higher level thinking.
7.Produce high return.
8.Deliver high service.
9.Reward yourself with higher personal satisfaction.
10.Contain high growth education factors.
11.Easy duplicatable.
12.Be unique.
13.High speed.

6.Master mind magic
Seek the help of master mind,a group of like minded people who can help you.
Napoleon Hill popularized master mind concept.
Strategies for selecting yur master mind group:
1.Choose the people carefully.
2.Create a list of the characteristics of the ideal master mind partner.
3.Invite them with a 'Give' mentality.
4.Demand a strong commitment.
6.Organize your master mind meetings.
7.Everyone in the group offer leadership.
8.Everything in the meeting should be action and goal oriented.
Have a purpose,generate ideas,provide contacts,prioritize the ideas,take action.
Think Big and don't reject any ideas.

7.Time magic
Be sure to remember to include time for the following:
children,family,spouse,relaxation,health,fun,faith in your life.
Ask questions and know how to prioritize,delegate your work.
Identify the pressures of work,look for solutions.
Identify your time wasters and avoid them.
Don't postpone,visualize the outcomes and keep going.
Have a no-interruption schedule.
There are 60 tips to save time,very valuable.

8.Sales magic
All the rich people know how to sell.
Learn how to sell.
Create trust with your customers.
Use an attraction model.
Focus on the relationship.
Develop integrity,Become Trustworthy.
Be Honest and have enthusiasm.
Have Tenacity and be driven.
Stay in touch and resell.
Follow the seminar model outlined in the book to get sales.

Successibility Thinking:

Success + Possibility = Successibility
Follow the 30 day success declarations given in the book,they are wonderful and inspirational.

'Today is a Great Day' is printed in every page which inspires you in your reading.
There are free downloadable forms and sheets which can help you a lot.

Never hang your dreams in your closet.

Questions to Refelect:
What beliefs are holding you back?
What are your views about money?

It is a Wonderful book on wealth and prosperity,Mindset.It is highly recommended.

Get your free ebook here at Gerry Robert's website:
Gerry Robert

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