Friday, April 10, 2009

3 Ways to earn money

This is the first website review i am writing.I found a cool website to promote your products under $10 per month!Great opportunity!
It is called
I was referred by one of my mentors.
You can earn money in 3 ways.
1.You can earn money by promoting your own products.
You can create a compaign for each of your product using very easy steps.Every step is having video tutorials.
2.If you don't have your product,you can resell the products from their product library.
3.You can earn money as an affiliate promoting ad2action program.
You can have a landing page which is an opt-in page where you can get your leads.
You can add videos,pictures to your landing page.
You can give it away a free ebook to get more leads.
It will send you an email about the leads and even you can receive sms in your cell phone.
You have a backoffice where you can check the leads and your commisions.
There are CRM and analytics links where you can know about the conversion rate of your compaigns.
You can promote your landing pages to all the social bookmarking sites like myspace,facebook with a click of a button.
It is a great website to promote your products without worrying about HTML,ecommerce,SEO,etc.
Check out here:

Check out this promotional video:

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