Sunday, April 5, 2009

How I saved money in this challenging time

How i saved money in this challenging time

We all know that this is a challenging time.
We have to cut down expenses,see ways to save money.
Here are some of the ways i saved money:

1.I have a mortgage loan with a fixed interest rate of 14%(i know it is a lot,it is for my house loan in india).I negotiated with them,switched to floating interest rate of 11% and reduction of 4 years in number of years in repayment which saved me a lot of money.(i paid a penalty of .5% for this switch which is negligible when compared to the savings).
2.I stopped paper statements for all my credit cards.but i used to check the online transactions regularly.Recently,i found overlimit fees.I spoke t them,asked for a waiver.They waived me a total of $117.(3 overlimit fees).
3.I once signed up for online bill payment through one of my banks,but i never used it.They charged me $2.50 every month.I spoke to them,waived of two payments which saved me $5.
4.For one of my credit cards,i am paying like 30% for almost a year.I called them,explained them about my hardships.I am approved for an interest rate of 8% for one year,which is of great help.
5.I didn't check my cell phone minutes previous month,ended up paying $40 for the extra minutes.This month,when i am short of minutes,i switched to a higher plan for just $10,got 300 minutes extra.When my usage becomes less,i will switch back to my Original plan.

So,please check your finances,take action.Hope these tips help you in some way.

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