Friday, April 24, 2009

'How to Write a Book on Anything in 14 Days or Less

I stumbled across something incredible recently...

And when I told all my prospects and customers about it, they
wanted it and literally hundreds kept asking me about it weeks

So, and as a valued subscriber I wanted to let you know about
it if you don't already.

As you may know, writing a book is one of the things that
just about everyone wants to do. But they just don't have the
time, or the skill or the direction that will make it possible
for them.

They know they can use it as a profit center, or as an outlet
for their creativity, or to write their life story. Heck, maybe
they just see themselves as the next Stephen King, or
Danielle Steel.

What does this have to do with you?

If you have ever, even for a brief moment, thought about
writing your own book and getting your share of the very
lucrative rewards for being published...

Here's *your* chance to become a 'best selling' author!

A man I respect a great deal has just released the most
incredible, step-by-step tool I have ever seen on the subject
of writing your own book... and getting it done and published
while you're still *young enough* to enjoy it!

Steve Manning, a master writer and journalist, has authored
what I believe will totally revolutionize the publishing world.

The name of his manual?

'How to Write a Book on Anything in 14 Days or Less...

Frankly I was shocked when I saw it!

This master writer holds your hand through the entire writing
and publishing process!

He has sold literally hundreds of thousands of books and he's
arguably the most prolific magazine writer on the continent as
well. And when it comes to writing a book,he lays everything out
for you.

He leaves nothing to chance... no stone unturned as he takes you
step-by-step through the process of:

-Get an agent in just 36 hours

-Create a book proposal no publisher can resist

-Develop "technologies" no one else on the planet has that make
your book better than anything on the market

-Unleash the power of your own creativity so you write better
than you ever thought possible

-The fastest method of researching on the planet--it has nothing
to do with the Internet. One journalist in southern Ontario
stated this single strategy was so effective, it was scary!

-S.N.A.P. editing--this single strategy caused a former president
of a national editor's association to declare that we had to get
this information out to anyone and everyone who was even thinking
of writing a book!

-The simple technique that will create any mood imaginable in
just seconds. Professional writers struggle for years to learn
how to do this. You'll be able to do this in just seconds.

-How to ensure that your book is a best-seller

-How to make sure the reader is involved in every page

-Step by step instructions for copyright registration. Even the
forms are included!

-How to turn your book into a client magnet so it becomes the
source of an unending stream of prospective customers.

-How to know exactly when you'll be finished writing your book no
matter how much, or how little you want to write each day.

-How to blue-print your book in just hours so you instantly know
exactly what will be in your book and where it will be. You will
never write even one sentence that isn't used in your book.

-And there's still so much more I can't even begin to write about
it here!

Steve is the kind of person who raises his prices frequently
because of demand.... but I practically begged him to keep the
price down long enough to let me send you this email so you can
check it out.

If you have the least bit of interest in writing your own,
highly profitable book and all the prestige and
accomplishment that goes with being a 'best selling'
author... you owe it to yourself to get more FREE information.


I don't want you to miss out on this spectacular opportunity
to not only create your own book as quickly as 14 days from
now... but to take advantage of the tremendous price savings
as well.



PS -- I know you've been thinking about writing a book some

Well, where will you be in 14 days?

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