Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Ultimate Gift Movie


I have seen the movie "The Ultimate Gift", based on the book by Jim Stovall.
It is a wonderful movie.
It is a story of an incredible journey by a man called Jason Stevens in the process to inherit his grandfather's estates.
In the journey of self-discovery, he became a very different man,which led him to inherit multi-billion dollars

There are 12 gifts he come across in his journey:
1.Gift of work
2.Gift of problems
3.Gift of friends
4.Gift of giving
5.Gift of family
6.Gift of Gratitude
7.Gift of Learning
8.Gift of Money
9.Gift of Laughter
10.Gift of a Day
11.Gift of dreams
12.Gift of Love

I cried many times during the movie.Money is not the ultimate gift,it is the discovery of your purpose,it is the service to others, the legacy you leave behind.
Money is only a byproduct in this process.

This movie makes us to think about the real value in our life.
Drew fuller in the leading role is doing a nice job.The little girl Abigail breslin is impressive.
Highly recommended.

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