Thursday, March 5, 2009

Free Ebook-GiveToLive

GiveToLive By Dr.Rick Barrett and Dr.Joe Vitale

By Giving,We are Receiving.
Whatever you give,you will get it back multifold.
By helping and serving others,we are becoming a whole being,we are becoming MORE.
By serving others,we are sharing our inner light with others.

World has shrunk and we are all one.
All are our brothers,sisters and cousins.
As Kanian Poongundranar told long back "Every country is our country and all are our cousins".

All deserve a better life,weather he is poor or born in a poor country.
All humans are part of the Universal Brotherhood.

Everyone can help in a little way of their own.
By donating clothes and shoes to Salvation Army,by donating our user cars,
by donating our used toys of our children to the poor children,
by donating whatever you can to your favorite charities.
By volunteering in social activities like driving the elders,cleaning the roads,
teaching the children,controlling the traffic at temple or church or nearby a school.
There are numerous ways.

The ebook 'GiveToLive' is an inspirational read.
I am moved by the struggle of Rick's parents as immigrants.
The presentation by Rick at the Spiritual marketing seminar made me into tears.
The email of his wife Mary will show us the reality of life in many countries.
The works of Bob,Suzanne,Rudy,Alicia are commendable.

You can use Affirmation of service and Acts of service(AOS) journal provided free in the book everyday to do more of service in your day to day life.
Rick's passage he wrote for Life's missing manual is great.

There are some great steps to clear our limiting beliefs towards service.
We are learning wonderful new definitins:
SELF - See Every Life Fulfilled
SERVE - Select Enriching Rewarding Valued Endeavors
There are many wonderful quotations and beautiful pictures,lt of useful links throughout this little book.

There is part II of this book,'The greatest Money making Secret in History' by Joe Vitale.
The whole essense of this inspiring book is 'GIVING'.

GiveToLive is Highly recommended.
It will rekindle your spirit and bring your inner light,the God within yourself to the surface.

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Join in this movement and tell your contacts to grab this book and be a part of it.

Enjoy the "The Power of Giving" presentation by Dr.Rick Barrett here at:

The Power Of Giving

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