Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today i have seen Douglas Vermeeren's The OPUS.
It is the next step to the movie 'The Secret'. It is 'ACTION'.

As per webster dictionary,the word opus,a noun, means:
work especially,a musical composition or set of compositions
usually numbered in the order of its issue.

The Opus:
The Opus is not just what you do, It is in the Legacy of what you become.
Message: Write what you want and carry it wherever you go all the time.
It is a Story of Vicenzo,the violinist.
Throughout the movie,wonderful,mesmerising music of violin.
It has sections about VISION, PLAN, Action,Obstacles, Failures, PERFORMANCE and The Opus.

Some of the masters in the movie are : Joe Vitale,John Demartini,Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield,Bob Doyle, Bill Bartmann,Marci shimoff, Elizabeth Fayt

we start to become 'ALL' through obstacles.
Some of the masters who won great obstacles and their message,in the movie:
Morris Goodman, 'The Miracles man',who had a fatal plane accident and recovered - IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT OTHERS THINK.
Luan Mitchell,who had some difficult times in her Teenage - YOU ARE SOMEBODY.
Peggy O'Neill,small in size by birth - INNER SIZE MATTERS MOST.

Some of the Golden nuggets throught the movie:
Sometimes, Music is in the soul.
Never give up on your dream.
The secret word for a winner is "NEXT".
Expansion is the purpose of the universe.
Not failure, low aim is a sin.Dare something worthy.
Make some difference while you are here.

The Question: What will your opus be?

Watch the trailer of the opus:

The official site and to buy DVD or watch online:
The Opus

A Great Inspirational movie everybody has to watch.

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