Saturday, January 29, 2011

Letting Go Movie

Today I watched the movie 'Letting Go' on Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin
at : Letting It Go Movie

It is a wonderful experience.
It comprises of the tools being used in Sedona Mathod for releasing and letting go of our unwanted emotions,past memories,habits or addictions,limitations,beliefs.

There are many methods of releasing.One way is just by asking right questions:

Think of something you want to let it go like emotional eating.
ask these questions to you:
1.Could you let it go?
2.Would you let it go?

Another method is Welcome Method.
-Whatever feelings or emotions are,welcome them instead of resisting them.
-Let your feelings flow through from your heart.
-Simply let it go.
-Be open to the possibility that it won't come back again.
Once you welcome the feelings,the feelings start to dissolve themselves.
Feelings are just feelings,they are not you.

There is a small demo of letting go,by rolling a pen in the palm,and roll it dowm and let it go.Releasing is as simple as that.

As you let it go,
-your mind becomes quiter,you naturally starts to think positively.
-Creating of suffering stops.
-No more fear
-You are filled with Love,Kindness,Compassion
-You will gain more and more with less effort
-You will find out who really are.
-Life flows naturally like a river in this state of being

There is nothing needs to change.
All are well.
You are complete,whole.
You are unlimited.
We are all connected.

It is a wonderful way of living.
Thanks to Hale Dwoskin and Lester Livingston.
Check out the movie at:
Letting Go Movie

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