Friday, February 6, 2009

The Waterbook

In this week,i had the chance of reading a great ebook by John Harricharan

The experience is so overwhelming that i read and reread it twice within couple of days.
It opens up so many doors i have never thought about till now.
The first person narrative and the story form give the book so much interest to read.
It talks about Time travel,Inner Universe,Out of body experience,meeting with GOD,meeting with his Dad who passed away.

The first question comes to your mind is,can these things be true.John gives another question as answer to this question "What is Truth?".

It felt, i completed a spiritual journey after reading.

It is talking about the self help concepts of Law od Attraction,Positive Thinking,Belief in yourself.

It is speaking about the universal truths of Love,Inner peace,Oneness.

I don't know,this book came to me when i needed it.Last year my father and father-in-law passed away.The entire family is still in that shock.
When i read the conversation between john and his father,tears rolled over my cheeks,i started to cry literally.My father left us all of a sudden.
This book gave me soothing for my heart.

Reading this book is an amazing journey in itself.Be open minded as you are going to read many new concepts.

I don't believe all have been said in this book,but i highly recommend this little book.

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The Waterbook

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