Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Morningbook

Morning Has Been All Night Coming by John Harricharan

Yes,Morning Has Been All Night Coming,but sure it will come.
It is a sequel to the waterbook.
He is revealing the meaning of his parable in his waterbook now in this book through Gideon.
Even we have to remember that when you can walk on water, it might
be advisable to take the boat.It is necessary for our learning process.
Again reading this one also is an experience.The style of writing is like a flowing of water in a stream.
The titles of the chapters are poetic.
Pure Pearls of wisdom,you can find throughout this little book.
Spiritual concepts,complex in nature,are being told in a story form,simple to be understood.
Gideon,Marla are back again.
Time Travel,Meeting with God,God's surprise visit to John's home,Letter from God all are here.
This time a God shows up in a Female form when john first meets the Almighty.
Through Prayer and meditation,everyone can be with god,can feel him,can talk to him.
True meaning of rituals are being analysed through God's words.
Service to the world,your fellow beings, is service to God,not just worship and rituals.
I remember Swami Vivekananda's words here: "Service to Asamis(common man) is the service to the swami(God)"
God is caring about small things even for Environmental protection.
When John consoles Jess Karman,who lost his job,i felt consoled as i am in his place now.
Tears swell up in my eyes when i read the following:
"The right job is waiting for you. Believe in your
God and believe in yourself. Things are working out for
Throughout the book,you can find self help and inspiration like the following:
Failures are stepping stones to success.
Tough times could also be glorious times.
Tragedy is but triumph turned inside out.
Failure is only the other side of success.
All endings lead to new beginnings.
The closing of one door foreshadows the opening of another.

Discovering our true purpose on earth is most vital everyone has to think about.
After reading this little book,you will have some idea about the whereabout of God.
Hats off to John again.
To the readers of this review,we will meet again with another review in the sequel.

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