Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Foreverbook

This little book is the sequel in the waterbook series and the third in Gideon's series.
This is dealing with your life which is a journey into the fields of forever.
Life is a flow of river,which has good and bad banks,don't get stuck on just one of the banks of it.
Life isn’t fair or unfair. Life just is.
‘Life is not the candle nor
the flame. It’s the burning.’
Enjoy the process.
It is giving us the greatest secrets of all time.
"Develop a close and personal relationship with God and
everything else will fall into place"-This is the greatest secret of all time.
Though it seems very simple,it has an indepth meaning.
As you become more aware,you will realise that you needn't search for him and
He is everywhere,everywhen,You can feel his presence always.
God is unconditional love.
Prayer and meditation are the means you can reach him.
Try toAssociate and be close to God more often and you begin to become god-like.
Help is always there from the Almighty if the prayer is sincere.
We should be ready to receive Gideons and Marlas,it is our choice.

There are new characters like Matthias,pandayji,kamal and ofcourse Giden and Marla apart from John and his children.
And also,the adventures of out of body travel and John meeting with his wife Mardai who passed away longtime back.

There are lot of tips on relationship, which is one of the major area of life.
Don't search for the right person.Be the right person,you will radiate energy and attract the right person.

Another major area,john talks about Money.
Release the mental blocks about money.Have the attitude of deservedness.
Just one good idea can change your entire life.

There are Poems of Henry Herbert Knibbs,wonderful.
His narratives on romance are excellent.
There are words from the book of Ecclesiastes:
To every thing there is a season and a time
to every purpose under the heaven.

Lots of pearls of wisdom:
Discover the power that is already within you and you’ll never need the
Ambrose Stone to validate who you are.
Have Gratitude.
The more you give the more you get.
A man there was and they called him mad,
The more he gave, the more he had.
You change your world by changing the way you
look at it.
Associate with lions and you will mirror their strength
and grace.
Faith, hope and love will help solve any

It is a wonderful journey through these three books.
It is an amazing spiritual experience.
Thanks to John for sharing his great insights and giving away these ebooks freely.
Get your free ebook here :
The Foreverbook

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