Sunday, August 3, 2008

Love has no barrier

Love makes us more human.Love is pure and makes us pure.
If we have unconditional love,we become divine.

We are three brothers in our family.We had a dog when we were young.We named it as "Mani".
We liked it very much,we played with it,we enjoyed each others company.we grew up with each other.He became big and getting older.

Mani protected our field from other intruders and other animals,thieves into our field.One day he came to home with lot of blood in his mouth.He might have eat a sheep or something.He was dull for some days.He became sick for quite sometime.We showed him to the local veternary doctor who gave him some medicines.But one day,he was dead.

We cried like anything,like lost a family member.We couldn't bear the loss of our friend.We raised a small temple in stone where he was buried.We used to pray every weekend by burning camphors and scented sticks.

I can remember that scene of prayer even now.Even today,if we meet in our field for festivals or family get together,we remember him and we used to tell about Mani to other relatives and friends.

In 1969,two friends John Rendall and Ace Berg,raised a lion cub which weighed 35 pounds.They named him as Christian.They were very happy friends.

Within one year christian had grown into 185 pounds.They felt that they couldn't keep him anymore.They came to know about a conservationist by name George Adamson in kenya.
Soon christian got rehabilitated and set free wild in kenya.
In 1974,the friends wanted to see christian one last time.Adamson doubted weather christian would found them as he became wild.Somehow christian came near Adamson's camp.See the following video when the friends met:

Thanks to Barry and Heather of
Life without Limits

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