Saturday, August 16, 2008

This Too Shall Pass

This week was a tough week for myself and my family.
My wife's father passed away because of massive heart attack.
He had angioplasty a month ago,had some more blocks in two valves.
Doctor advised that he was doing fine,we could do bypass surgery after a month or so.
Unfortunately,he passed away suddenly.
My wife was so upset,i couldn't console her.
We were away for almost 7 months now as i don't have a longterm project.
I spoke to her for half hour or so on last saturday morning.After 10 minutes,her brother called up conveying the message.
It was literally a shock.
Last december only,we constructed a new house,he was helping all along for the housewarming function,now he is no more.
Life is wiping out lives just like a duster in the black board within minutes.
Life knocks us down just like a rock on the forehead.
There is no more person by that name living in that body,just a vaccum.
We have to tell our kid that his grandpa went to live with God.
He is getting so confused that there is no grandpa suddenly,only a picture with a frame.
Till now,my soul is crying,even after a week.

Death reminds us always how uncertain our presense here and we have to have a purpose and fulfill it.Even if one is a king of a kingdom,he can't take away anything,not even a tiny needle.

I remember the book "Tough times never last last,but tough people do" by Robert H. Schuller.
It is a great book on how to overcome tough times.
He was narrating his kid's difficult times with health problems.
This book tells us on how he was able to build a million dollar cathedral from scratch.It tells us how his son was able to get a land and constructed his own cathedral after much difficulty.

It is a great read and gives us ways to survive tough times.

I turned to God,i went to the nearest temple in Newjersey on thursday and cried and let my burden melt away in sprituality and asked for strength.
I strongly believe that we can overcome tough times.
"This too shall pass".

Grab a copy of this classic book here at:

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