Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Free Ebook - The 3 C's of Success

The 3C'S of Success by Mitch W Steel

I read an ebook by Mitch W. Steel of WWW.SUCCCESS.ORG

It is a great book teaching the fundamentals needed to become successful.
It contains wonderful quotes from great people.
There are three sections teaching each of the C's.
The 3 C's are:
His definition of success is "Creating your ideal future".

We are creative by nature.As we grow older,we forgot to be creative.
There are two forms of creativity,as per Mitch:
1.Synthetic Imagination.
2.Creative Vision.

By asking right questions,we can rekindle our creativity.
By being creative,we can design our life.
Define what is success for you,Create your ideal future and then just do it.
Purpose + creativity gives value.

He puts so much emphasis on character as it is like the pillar of your life.
Without character,we are seeing so many celebrities are falling down in real life.
They might have made lot of money,but they are not considered successful in life as they lack character.
Here are some of his thoughts on character:
1.Keep learning and try to improve your character traits.
2.Shed your ego.Let it go.
3.Accept full responsibility.
4.Begin to do things differently if they are not yielding the desired results.
5.Be Aware of the process.
6.Appreciate Time-Value.
7.Celebrate tiny accomplishments.
8.Have attention and focus on your goals.
9.Have your Master Belief Records right.
10.Expect to succeed always.
11.Have consistent and persistent action.
12.Use models for inspiration.
13.Aware of your thoughts.
14.You need every one's help in order to succeed.
15.Have a Master mind group.
16.Choose Happiness.
17.Don't ever Quit.
18.Health is the first wealth.

He wants us to Realize the significance of completion and remain commited to it.
Here are his thoughts for completion:
1.Have the conviction to follow through and complete whatever you have started.
2.Have the courage to persevere and finish.
3.Fuse together Potential energy and release kinetic energy.
4.Get rid of fear(False Evidence Appearing Real-Zig Zaglar).
5.Your life is a miracle.
6.Find motivation through regret.
7.Battle your excuses endlessly.
8.Keep your vision quiet.
9.Failure is the prerequisite for success.
10.Opposite of succeess is not failure,it is Hopelessness.

It is a wonderful little ebook full of inspiration.
There is no cover graphics and pictures inside.
"Each page has a watermark - "Do Not Copy" this is only on the current free version( available now) and shows he is very concerned about distributed copies PRE-release of the published book.
I highly recommend reading this.

Grab your free copy here:
Free Success Ebook


Anonymous said...


Thank you Sir for the outstanding review! Wow, we just released the eBook yesterday. I'm glad you notified me and were able to read/review it so quickly! That was a tremendous recommendation you gave.

Perhaps an easier website to direct your readers to is www.SUCCCESS.ORG (with 3 C's).

All the best Kannan!

kannan said...

Thanks Mitch.Thanks for your visit and comment.


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