Thursday, July 10, 2008

Present Reality Vs Alternate Reality

Today i have seen the lecture of Prof.SriKumar Rao @ Google.
It is a wonderful speech full of great ideas to transform your life.
Here are some of the things he is talking about:

1.Mental Chatter:
This is the internal mono;ogue we have all the time.It is mostly not useful and disfunctional.He advises us to rewrite it.

2.Mental Models:
These are the models without our knowledge we have in judging the world around us.
If we accept these and reconstruct them,it will be great for us.

3.'ME' centered Universe:
We are always living in me centered universe.whatever change comes,we are looking for what is in it for me.If we get rid of this,our life would be more meaningful and purposeful.

4.Present Vs Alternate Reality:
If you want a profound change in your life,Think about the Alternate Reality which we believe in and behave as if it is true,it will come to you.
Per Example,my Alternate Reality is to get a fulltime job instead of my current reality working as a consultant.


Passion lies within you.Ignite it right now.


Be Grateful for what you have,you will get more of it.

7.Fixing the world:

Don't always try to fix the world.If you fix the world between your ears,the outer world automatically fix itself.

8.Telling past stories:
Don't always tell yourself about past,useless stories.
Change them to positive,useful stories and rewrite your past.

9.Going on a journey:

Even if you are watching the TV shows "24" or "Desparate house wives",we are going through journies.
Whenever you go through them,ask yourself:
Do these journies help to go to the place where i want to spend time with.

Great Ideas.Thanks for sharing Rao.
Thanks to Tina of where i got the link for prof Rao's speech.
I Recommend reading Rao's book "Are you Ready to Succeed?".
Enjoy the speech here:

Watch this inspirational movie 212:


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