Saturday, May 17, 2008


Yesterday,i watched the video of Steve Jobs' speech at Stanford University back in 1995.
It is a short,simple one but inspirational speech.He shares three stories from his life.
Steve is a college drop out.He started Apple from his dormroom at the age of 20.
He co-founded Apple Computers inc(now Apple inc) in 1976.
He was fired from Apple,but he started all over again.During that period,he started the companies NEXT and PIXAR.Pixar created the first animation flim "Toy Story".
Now,he is the chairman and CEO of Apple Inc.
Here are some of the great pieces of advise from his speech:
1.Love what you do.
2.Keep looking for what you love,don't settle.
3.Have the courage to follow your hear and intuition.
4.Time is limited,don't waste it.
5.Don't be trapped by dogma.
6.Don't allow other people's opinions affect you.
7.Stay hungry,stay foolish.

Here is the video clip:

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