Monday, May 5, 2008

4 Self Development Podcasts

Podcasts simplify our lives.We can listen to Audios whenever we want,wherever we go.
Here are the 4 Great self development podcasts:

1.Robin Sharma:
A Leadership coach,Author,Robin Sharma's podcasts are motivational,Inspiring:
Go to:
An online entrepreneur since 1996.Travis has a great collection of articles and podcasts in aligning with Law of success by Napoleon Hill.
Check out:
3.Steve pavlina:
Author,Motivational speaker,Steve Pavlina has a great collection of lengthy and detailed articles and amazing podcasts.His blog says :Personal Development for smart people"
Listen here:
4.Guy Finley:
Motivational speaker,Guy Finley has a wide variety of topics and podcasts.He has a huge collection free material.
Check out:

I already was listening to steve pavlina's podcasts whereas others i came to know from a great personal development blog by Peter:
Check out:
Thanks Peter for sharing this.

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