Friday, October 26, 2007

Reward For Action

Reward For Action
Two weeks before,we(myself,wife and kid) went for shopping and came by bus.At the transfer point,we got down with the bags and came to know that the same bus will continue to our stopping.We boarded again with the bags and our kid,his stroller.I kept some of the grocery bags underneath the seat.Our stopping came,i took the bags on the seat and we got down.
Immediately,we noticed that the some of the bags are missing.We are not sure weather they are in the bus or left at the transfer point.
I called the customer service of the bus,told them what happened.She told me to call after some time as the bus is not in.I called again,she told me that there are no bags in the bus.We decided that i should go and check at the transfer point.
I checked there and found nothing.We discussed and decided to buy all the stuff once again.So iwent to the grocery stores and bought all the stuff once again.
I boarded the bus and found the driver to be familiar.She was the same driver last time i travelled.So i told her what happened.
She told me that the bags are with her and she is about to handover to the bus depot.
I was so happy,thanked her,got down with twice the grocery.My wife told me it is a magic.
It is a simple event,it taught me lot:
1.Take immediate action.
2.Be flexible in your plan.
3.Have more than one plan as a backup.
4.Work towards the goal,you will be rewarded.

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