Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Joy of Receiving!

The Joy of Receiving
Previous weekend,i had some work to do at office,so i was on my way to the office.
As i was waiting for the bus at the transfer,i met another passenger also waiting for the bus.
As the regular road from which the bus used to come got closed,he started the conversation with which way the bus will come.As we spoke little more,i came to know to know that he knows german,russian languages too.
I told him that knowing other languages is good.He replied that it is great for communication.
He told me that he travelled to pakistan,afganistan.He asked me where am i from.I told him that i am from southern part of india.
He said nice,and told that there are lot of hatred going on in this world.I told him that we need lot of love.
He introduced himself by shaking hand.The bus came,we boarded the bus.
Then,he did the wonderful act.He handed me over an apple.I accepted it with thanks.He gave another one to the driver.The driver accepted it with thanks.
I was so happy that day as i received that apple wholeheartedly,as i will be receiving from my grandfather.The joy of receiving was wonderful.
When i went home,i told my wife about the apple.We shared the apple and ate happily with my child.
What a wonderful way to spread love and compassion!I learned the following things with this incident:
Give whatever you can to others,be it may be time,food,consulting,services,money.You will be rewarded.This is the law of give and take.
There is a saying,Once you are ready to learn,the master will appear.
Once you are ready to receive,this universe will give you you whatever you want.This universe is full of abundance.
Thanks Bob for the Apple!.

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