Thursday, September 20, 2007

Limitations Exist in Mind

Limitations exist in mind, every aim is achievable: Sunita

Limitations exist in mind, every aim is achievable--that is the message American astronaut of Indian origin Sunita Williams gave children at the Mahatma Gandhi Sabarmati Ashram here today.
"Limitations are creations of the mind and if one sincerely tries every aim is achievable" she said while sending out a strong message to nearly 500 children on the need to protect the Planet Earth.
Wearing a blue T-shirt and jeans and sporting her trademark headband, Sunita, who set a record in space-walks by a woman during her 195-day stay at the International Space Station ISS, told a gathering of school students, Gandhians that when she looked down at the Earth from the ISS she could not see any boundaries that divided countries.
"Like limitations, borders too existed in the minds. So, I think that all of you can achieve once you begin to believe in yourself. Limitations are all in your mind", said the pilot with the National Association for Space Administration (NASA).
Sunita was given a rousing welcome by when she visited the Sabarmati Ashram founded by the Father of Nation some 90 years ago.

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