Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Anger Management

God has bestowed on human beings the ability to communicate in a beautiful way – WORDS. But…….
Frequently noticed is the way people address each other when in anger - the most abusive way.
The other day while traveling in a bus, I happened to witness this scenario.
The bus was slightly crowded. Standing just in front of me was a lady well dressed and the manner in which she was speaking to her colleague/friend showed she was well educated. A sudden brake applied by the bus driver and all of us with a jerk moved forward. A man standing near this lady lost balance and almost fell on her. Well all hell broke loose.
This lady whose voice and decency I was admiring few seconds back, surprised me with her voice and words. She hurled the most abusive words at this man. Initially he apologized, but seeing that she was in no mood to accept the apology, he started to retort back. Amidst the crowd were these two hurling the most abusive, vulgar and rubbish words at each other. Interference from the co passengers proved to be futile. Their verbal abuses at each other did not stop there, they went on to abuse each other’s parents. Where is the decency? Such indecency from well educated people!
It is not just this scene on the bus, many a time have I noticed that people seem to abuse verbally when they lose their temper. Later some do regret, but to what use, once the words come out of our mouth, taking them back is just not possible. The harm has already been done. Hurting words leave a permanent scar and the pain is much more than the physical hurt that one undergoes.
Everything that emits out of human body stinks. The ALMIGHTY has bestowed on human being – the ability to speak. And we have full control over the words that we use. So why let the words also stink. Why not let us keep a check on words that come out.
Sweet and pleasing words, bear a better impression on all. Well the question that would arise is how can we utter sweet and pleasing words when we are angry or when the other person is in the wrong? Right, but there is a way to handle everything, and anger and verbal abuse is just not the way.

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