Friday, July 13, 2007

Have an Attitude of Gratitude!

Here is an article i read this morning:

Have an Attitude Of Gratitude:

How often are you living a life with an attitude of gratitude? Sure, sometimes it's easy to remember to be grateful. Like when you're driving down a road with a lot of stoplights. Stay green. Stay green. Stay green, you're telling the light as you're moving along towards it. Stay green.Thank you!Stay green. Stay green. Stay green.Thank you!And on down the road until you get to where you’re going.What about the stoplights of life? The places where you want to stay green, stay green, stay green. Like make more money, have more friends, be happier, have better health. Those kinds of things.Are you expressing gratitude for the money you do have? Thank you for the $____(fill in the amount) I have in the bank.Want more friends? Appreciate the ones you have. Thank you thank you thank you for the wonderful friends I have. Thank you for Bill and Bob and Kathy and Susie and….How about happiness. Want to be happier? Here’s a suggestion: Sit down, right now, even before you’re done reading this, and write out a list of things you’re grateful for. You WILL get yourself in a happier mood.Immediately. Something about appreciating things makes the happy thoughts start flowing.Maybe you want better health? Be grateful for the health you do have. So take the time, get into the attitude of gratitude. Make it a game. Look around as you go through your day. What can you be grateful for? Start keeping a gratitude journal. Write in it every evening. Make it a game to find at least three things to be grateful for every day.
Living a life with an attitude of gratitude means saying thank you a lot! The more you appreciate, the more the Law of Attraction wants to send good things your way.Mollie Manuell has written more about how to be happy at

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