Saturday, October 1, 2016

Journey of an Ice Drop


Why did this Book come to me when we were hurt by the same people whom we loved the most?
Why did this come to me when we were struggling to pool up $20 to pay one of my Wife's
Is it the Destiny and Timing when everything comes to you when you are in need?

This small Book is trying to explore and answer two of the most important questions in
1.What is the Purpose of our Life?
2.What is the Meaning of Life?
3.What is every one's Destiny?

These powerful questions are answered through the Journey of main character Adrian Ice

Whether Travelling is the Purpose of Life?
Whether Having Fun is the Purpose of Life?
Whether To serve and save many Happy Lives?
Whether To Heal Others?

All these questions you will come to know through various characters Adrian is meeting

through his Travel in the book.You will feel that you are travelling along with Adrian to

various places.The writing style is simple and flowing.

Every one's purpose if different and we have to enjoy the journey called Life.

For Dr.Mani, it is doing many heart operations for young kids and save many lives.
For myself, starting a educational foundation and Hospital to help others.

Your purpose need not be so big, even if you are focusing on giving a good education to

your children, that is a great purpose.

I recommend this small book to every one. It is a great Read. It instils many questions

in your Mind to explore your own self.
All the best to find your Purpose and Have a nice Journey on the way!

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