Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Conquer the Mind

Hijacking the Mind - 24 mental triggers that make you feel great

by Sri Vishwanath

This little book has Great tips on day to day life, beautiful quotes, life experiences.

Most lovable quote:

"It is not God who sends us dark times, but we ourselves who bring them to us, for purposes even we do not know.
Whenever there are shadows in front of us, it must be that we make the shadows disappear, we have but to turn and face the light" - John Harricharan

The book starts with using Short term strategies to find peace and get away from your problems.
These strategies gives power to you instead of your problems.

Make use of the 1st 30 minutes of your day in an efficient manner.
It will make your day a joyful experience.
Examples are Practice meditation, exercise, reading inspirational books, going for a walk,etc.
Pick one and make it as a part of your routine.
This will raise your energy levels which helps you conquer all your problems.

Find your purpose in your life and pursue it.
You are here to win the life not to solve problems.

Delink your emotions from the problems and they will fade away very quickly.

Keep engaged in an activity which sets your mind free and make it soar to heights.

You can solve a problem without even thinking about it.
It is the detachment that makes the problem to lose its grip.

Change your energy field to change youe life.

Don't make your problems a big deal.You are bigger than your problems.
Never forget this.

When there is a storm,lot of dust will gather.
Take a step back and wait for it to over.
everything will be alright soon.

Rise above the problems as they are not real.

There is a good thing that can come out of every problem.
Problems lead you to grow.

There is a one minute solution to every problem, by just switching your focus away from your problem.

Don't be obsessed with the solution always.

Find a good reason to outgrow yourself from your current situation whatever it may be.

Grow your problems many fold to see it shrinking.

Change yourself to change the world.

Try to understand the nature of the world instead of involved in it too much.

Acknowledge the pain , the problem disappears.

All problems are just distractions.

No problem can defeat you permanently,there is always a door.

Listen to your small voice within.

You don't become small since the problems appear big.
you are always bigger than the problems,remember that.

There is a great power in this world, which is Love.
Before Love,everything else falls short.

Know the difference between facts and reality.
What is going on inside you is always the reality.

Never ever,ever,ever Give up.

We have life changing exercises at the end of every chapter.

I love reading the Inspirational poems by Swami Vivekanandha throughout the book.

Hats off to Vishwanath for such a powerful book.

This Gem came after his silence,which is a prasadam for the readers.

One thing I don't like is the book cover,I expected something better for a spiritual book.

It is a great read,I highly recommend!

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