Saturday, June 16, 2012

Be Thankful

The Astonishing Power of Gratitude
by Wes hopper

Gratitude is one of the powerful virtues.
I set aside a separate chapter on Gratitude in my first kindle eBook 'Hope for the Best'.

In this little eBook,Wes Hopper talks about what is Gratitude and the 4 mistakes we make to keep away from feeling


Gratitude is a positive vibration of thought.
It is powerfully attractive.
Sometimes,just saying 'Thank You' is enough.
When you are vibrating with positive energy,you will attract positive things to your life.

Here are the 4 mistakes:

1.Scarcity Thinking:

This Universe is abundant.
There is enough for each one of us.
Instead of thinking about what we want,we should be thankful for what we have now.
Universe will bring us whatever we are grateful for.
Scarcity thinking will block us from feeling Grateful.


There is a Law of Polarity which states that there is a equal and opposite side for everything.
Everything is happening for our good.
This Universe is a friendly universe.
Non-Reistance means that we accept what it is and move on.
If you are reistant to the flow,you are sending out a negative vibe.
Non-Reistance puts you in Gratitude,which is a positive vibe.


We have to live in the present moment and be Happy and Grateful for what we have.
But we shouldn't get satisfied with what we have.
That will block the way for more expansion.
Be happy in the now but never get satisfied.


Forgive yourself and Others.
If you carry resentment,it is harmful for your health.
Unforgiveness is a blockage in the way of success.

Give it away whatever you want to manifest.
If you want money,give money.If you want Time,give your time.
By giving,we show gratitude for we already have,which will bring more of the same.

There are simple exercises at the end of this book which are life changing.

There are recommendations for further reading.

I am Grateful for this little ebook!I highly recommend this book!

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